Are you buying or selling Bitcoin?
Are you buying or selling Bitcoin?
  • Dan Yoo
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The number of people who buy Bitcoin(BTC) is higher than those who sell it, according to a recent report.

The global digital asset exchange, Huobi Global and Huobi Korea, conducted a survey on it's official Twitter page on Aug. 30, 2019.  The theme was "What are you doing with BTC right now?"

The survey gave the respondents three options: Sell, Buy and Hold. The poll, which involved a total of 873 people, showed 47 percent of those said "hold" while 31 percent said, "buy." Those who answered "sold" showed the lowest rate at 22 percent overall

Regarding the price of BTC, conservative views prevailed. Huobi Korea conducted a survey on the "BTC prices outlook" on its official Facebook page, asking whether the price of bitcoin will surpass $20,000 within this year.  The results showed that 45 percent "it won't" said it will "go highs" and 55 percent said.

People who took the survey added comments, "We're waiting to purchase," "We're on a wait-and-see basis because the amount of Bitcoin mining is limited," "We think that it won't  exceed $20,000, but we hope it can surpass that number eventually."

Source: Huobi Korea

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