Jinju City to build big data center with IVS, Telcoware
Jinju City to build big data center with IVS, Telcoware
  • Lee Kap-soo
  • 승인 2019.09.10 06:05
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Jinju City was selected as the operator for the second project to build a big data center in the transportation sector.
In a related move, Jinju City will form a consortium with IVS Technology, a company specializing in artificial intelligence security, and Telcoware, a firm specializing in information and communication networks, to push for the project.

The big data center project will be carried out with the goal of creating a data-based value-generating ecosystem by investing 151.6 billion won in a budget of three years to build 10 platforms for each sector, including transportation, finance and culture, and 100 centers for each institution associated with it. This year, the project will be worth 64 billion won in total on two occasions.

Under the theme of "Building a Big Data Brain Center," the city will provide 900 million won for the three-year project.
It was assessed that the reason for the selection of this project was due to the fact that data was processed and collected over a long period of time using the unique techniques of Jinju City for big data analysis of various urban information, including CCTVs (2,500) based on the city control center, bus operation information, and real-time city monitoring information.

Jinju City will form a consortium with IVS and Telcoware to produce new mobility data and seek joint construction, and will complete the system's construction at the city control center on the 10th floor of Jinju City this year.

It will also seek to link data with the platform operator of the Korea Transport Institute after data collection analysis from next year.

"The selection of the operator is all the more meaningful as it will be the first local government to build a big data platform," Jinju Mayor Cho Kyu-il said. "By establishing a big data center in Jinju, which collects, supplies and controls both traffic and comparative traffic data, we will prepare infrastructure for driving 'self-driving cars' and make preparations for the project to help create an optimized transportation smart city based on big data."

Meanwhile, IVS CEO Bae Young-hoon said, "I'm very happy that IVS will participate in a meaningful business that will transform Jinju City into a big data-based transportation smart city. We are especially looking forward to laying the foundation for IVS to grow in quantity and quality through this project. We will use all of IVS' capabilities to complete the project."

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