Creating the Future Personal Sound Sphere - CEVT and Noveto Working Together to Implement Noveto Smart Audio Within the Geely Group
Creating the Future Personal Sound Sphere - CEVT and Noveto Working Together to Implement Noveto Smart Audio Within the Geely Group
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TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/KOREA IT TIMES -- Noveto Systems and CEVT AB, an innovation center for Geely Group in Europe have just signed an LOI agreement. Together we aim to introduce new revolutionary technology that enables personal audio in a new way, says representatives from Noveto and CEVT AB.

Noveto's technology enables sound to be dynamically steered and focused. Hence, each passenger within the vehicle can experience hers/his own audio content without using isolating headphones or sound polluting traditional audio speakers. Noveto Smart Audio® reduces the sound pollution in the vehicle by 90%.

Senior Vice President for Innovation at CEVT, Didier Schreiber says: "With Noveto's technology we will be able to deliver an even better customer experience inside the car. I think many parents would love that kids can listen to whatever they want without extra gadgets or creating noise and at the same time hear when you talk to them. It is all about simplicity. The intention is that this technology will be used by many brands in the Geely family."

Daniel Jammer, Noveto's Chairman stated: "CEVT has world-class engineering expertise in the automotive arena, with direct access to the world's largest car markets. It makes them an ideal partner to help us accelerate the integration of Noveto's revolutionary technology into the car. We will design and develop a completely new user experience to meet the demands of tomorrow's drivers."

About CEVT
CEVT is an innovation center for the Geely Group, developing automotive technology that will meet the demands of tomorrow's global markets. Modular development, advanced virtual engineering and software development enable us to deliver world-class technology to all Geely brands.

About Noveto Systems Ltd.
Noveto is engaged in the development and marketing of Noveto Smart Audio®, the world's first "dynamic focused sound" technology that delivers true stereo and 3D sound to a user's ears without the need for headphones or traditional speakers. The result is a uniquely individual sound experience.

Tomer Shani, Noveto Systems Ltd
+972 72-257-5590

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