SPC Group succeeds in developing fermented species, a mixture of native yeast and lactobacillus
SPC Group succeeds in developing fermented species, a mixture of native yeast and lactobacillus
  • Kim Min-jee
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SPC Group succeeded in developing fermented species for bread using indigenous yeast and lactobacillus, which was discovered by the SPC Group in traditional yeast and kimchi.

This is the second outcome of SPC Group's basic material research project that SPC bioengineering research institute jointly carried out with Seoul National University and Chungbuk National University following the discovery of indigenous yeast in 2016.

The company stressed that securing source technologies to improve taste, flavor and health benefits has further cemented its status as a global bakery company.

The fermented species was named "Sangmi-jong," by adding the meaning of healthy taste, "Jong" to the "Sangmi-dang," the name of the bakery that became the parent of SPC Group.

Sangmi-jong is characterized by a fresh, savory flavor and chewy texture when it is made into bread by mixing four native yeast and lactobacillus found by SPC Group.

It is the first time that the group has scientifically identified the characteristics of yeast and lactobacillus and developed the "fermented species" that has been used selectively.

"After analyzing the characteristics of tens of thousands of microbes for 13 years, we succeeded in developing a fermented species that adds the advantages of lactobacillus to indigenous yeast," an SPC Group official said. "We will compete proudly in the global bakery market with fermented bread made with our own technology."

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