ICDM says it will not intervene in the 8K TV dispute between Samsung and LG
ICDM says it will not intervene in the 8K TV dispute between Samsung and LG
  • Jung So-yeon
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Samsung Electronics QLED 8K TV (left), LG Electronics OLED 8K TV (right)

Amid a fierce battle between Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics over 8K TVs, the International Commission on Display Measurement (ICDM) has announced its position that it will not intervene in disputes between the two companies.

Regarding LG Electronics' recent claim that its QLED 8K TV was fake 8K because its "definition clarity" fell short of the ICDM standard of 50 percent, Samsung refuted that the CM index is no longer valid as an indicator used in the black-and-white TV era.

In response, ICDM announced on Sept. 30 that it does not intervene in related issues no matter what data companies release by utilizing display evaluation standards.

ICDM is a sub-division of Society for Information Display (SID), which is considered one of the most specialized organizations in display industries, and experts from around the world gather to set standards for measuring display performance and provide them to industries.

SID also maintained a "principle of non-interference" that does not take either side. SID Chairman Helge Xichen declined to give an immediate answer to the recent 8K controversy between Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics, saying, "We are pleased with Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics' efforts to overcome limitations of display technologies."

"SID is providing authorized global tools to measure the performance of new products," he said. "About 200 experts are currently gathering to update related clauses this year in accordance with the revised procedures."

The war of nerves between Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics is expected to continue for the time being, as ICDM and SDI made clear they will not intervene in the dispute over the 8K's "definition clarity" standard.

Currently, the two companies are also wrangling over false hype surrounding QLED TVs. On Sept. 19, LG Electronics reported Samsung Electronics' QLED TVs to the Fair Trade Commission for violating the Display Advertising Act.

LG Electronics' claim is that even though QLED TVs are LDC TVs that use LED backlights, Samsung Electronics is deceiving consumers by advertising its QLED TVs as it has applied self-illumination technology to QLEDs.

In response, Samsung Electronics distributed a press release on Sept. 29 and claimed that it has already received judgment from advertising review agencies in major countries such as the U.S., the U.K. and Australia that there are no problems in using the QLED name since the QLED TV was first released in 2017.

Meanwhile, experts pointed out that Samsung Electronics' QLED TVs and LG Electronics' OLED TVs both have their own strengths and weaknesses, so they can be left them to consumers' choices.

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