Merck received the Ministry Award at the 9th 'Investors of the Quarter'
Merck received the Ministry Award at the 9th 'Investors of the Quarter'
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Continuous investment for R&D – Advanced Technology Centers to the advancement of biotech industry and advanced material of electronic industry for 30 years.

Effort to support development for cutting-edge science and technology in life science, healthcare and electronic materials – “Merck Award”, “Merck Young Scientist Award”“ Future Researcher Award“, „Merck Scientific Award“ for Korean Cancer Association, Korean Association for Clinical Oncology & Korean Society for Reproductive Medicine

In recognition of significant investment and job creation in Korea
Glenn Young, Managing & Representative Director of Merck Korea

Merck Korea (Managing & Representative Director: Glenn Young), the Korean subsidiary of Merck, a leading science and technology company, received the Ministry Award of Trade, Industry and Energy at Seoul L tower on October 1.

Glenn Young emphasized “Merck has been present in Korea for 30 years and during this time we have seen the Electronics and Biotech Industries flourish. At Merck we have a strong interest in both internal innovation efforts and fostering fundamental research that contributes to technological advancement and investment related to and beyond our business in Performance materials, Healthcare and Life science. As an example, Merck held an Merck Science Network event and bringing together many of the Merck award recipients for last 16 years at International Meeting of Information Display in August.

Since 2017, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) has offered the minister award to greenfield-type foreign direct investment companies that bring a net gain to the domestic economy with their contribution to industrial development and job creation at the recommendation of local governments and KOTRA.  During the 9th quarterly Foreign Company Day, three foreign companies in areas of materials, components and equipment - Merck Korea (advanced chemicals, biotechnology ), Korea Dow Chemical Silicon (silicon manufacturing), and Emuge-Franken (cutting tool manufacturing) – are to receive the Trade, Industry and Energy Minister Award with the recognition of their contribution to sophisticated value chains and raising manufacturing competitiveness in areas of materials, components and equipment. The seminars and panel discussions on strategies to strengthen competitiveness of materials, parts and equipment was followed.

(From left) Jung Dae-jin (Director General, Cross-border investment policy, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy), Andrew Ryu (CEO, Korea Dow Chemical Silicon), Glenn Young (Managing & Represenatative Director, Merck Korea), Lee Kyeong-bum (CEO, Emuge-Franken) and Lee Seung-yeon (Chairman, Korea Foreign Company Association)

Merck registered the legal entity in 1989. Since this time Merck has been suppled innovative technology and expertise to support the development of High-Tech Industry in Korea. To provide advanced reliable quality products to the rapidly-growing electronic & display market, Merck inaugurated the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in May 2010 and the OLED Application Development Laboratory (ADL) in October 2011. 

The OLED Application Center (OAC) followed in May 2015. To provide biopharmaceutical manufacturers with a shared, exploratory environment where they can closely collaborate with Merck scientists and engineers to solve Bio Processing challenges and accelerate development and production of new therapies, Merck inaugurated Songdo M Lab™ Collaboration Center in 2016. The new Life Science Operation Center in Songdo was completed in September and Merck’s latest investment to support growth in Korea.

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