Global 3D Industry Strategy Report by KOTRA
Global 3D Industry Strategy Report by KOTRA
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KOTRA reported

"The 3D market opened around the world. The field has a variety of products and varies in market conditions just as in any other field, it needs regional alignment strategy. And the world 3D technology market would be highly attractive to small and medium enterprises," said an official from KOTRA.

Yes, the world keeps their eye on 3D industry as he just stated and we had better watch the report the 'Global status and advanced for 3D Industry Plan' by KOTRA. It is the analysis of 3D markets Jin apan, the United States, Germany and China and suggests the ways to advance our business.

According to the report, although Samsung and Sony are launching various 3D products in the European market, the market's reaction is still lukewarm. In contrast, in the Japan market, a variety of products such as photo frames, cameras and game consoles have been launched and the market is expected to grow at a rapid pace. At the same time, the origin of the 3D boom, the U.S market takes on an aspect that says that the content-based development and 3D display market is growing rapidly.

The governments of major countries are committed to 3D related R & D industry. The only differences between the nations is that Germany, Japan and China led the development by government activity and the U.S conducts primarily industry cooperation. Germany, Japan and China add 3D in the next-generation technology development to support projects already underway and the United States has been developing three-dimensional multi-media with NASA, AT & T and MIT University for applications in aerospace, broadcast communications, defense and medical fields.

Standardization is also in full swing. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) are both working on the 3D standard. And the industry consortium of leading countries is working on standardization with developing their own technology.

In addition, application is the thing we can't miss in the 3D industry. In Japan, 3D display technology for various types displays including console, mobile and TV Devices is actively developing while 3D imaging, gaming and other relevant content and services sectors are active in the development in the U.S. Whereas China focuses on 3D Glasses (OEM) and TV production, and recently pays attention to self-produced animation, movies and 3D content.

In the mean time, the report advises that regional strategies are needed for the different market conditions. For instance, since Germany and other European markets are in the early stage, the preemption market of products such as 3D TV, projectors, PCs, monitors, mobile phones, Blu-ray players, cameras and digital photo frames are important. With this, content-related business with local enterprises is promising.

Since companies from around the world have entered the U.S. market, competition is fierce enough. Therefore, the domestic enterprises need to take advantage of the distribution channels and the price competitiveness. In terms of contents distribution in America, cooperation with local marketing is considered more important.

Japan is the right place for the small and medium display market. Because Japan already has been expanded the mobile market and the large display industry is competitive. In addition, 3D contents, which combine elements of Korean Wave, would be promising as well.

In China, 3D devices such as 3D LCD shutter glasses, lenses, polarizing film, 3D TV LCD flat panel, TCON and medical are to be watched. And the market growth is expected to be sustained through the creation of a 3D version of popular Korean online games.


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