pMD Announces Instant Capture for Lighting Fast Mobile Charge Capture in Seconds
pMD Announces Instant Capture for Lighting Fast Mobile Charge Capture in Seconds
  • Roberta Chan
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pMD to Exhibit in Booth #1018 at the 2019 MGMA Annual Conference In New Orleans

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 11, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE/KOREA IT TIMES) -- pMD®, the innovation leader in health care technology, has reduced charge entry to as fast as two seconds with a new Instant Capture feature. pMD® Charge CaptureTM, which already enables providers to quickly record charges and capture data at the point of care, now boasts a new two-click charge capture option for even more efficiency.

“In a doctor’s busy day, the less time you spend clicking and scrolling, the more time you have to spend with the patient getting valuable eye to eye contact,” said Doctor Oliver Khakmahd at East Bay Nephrology.

If a provider sees a patient for a routine subsequent encounter in which nothing medically has changed from the previous visit, they can now capture a follow-up charge directly from the census in just two quick taps.

“Every second we can give back to providers is more time they can spend helping patients,” says Adam Kenney, VP of Software Engineering at pMD. “Providers are being asked to see more patients every day, so we introduced Instant Capture to make it even faster for them to bill accurately for those visits.”

Instant Capture is especially handy for anyone who does daily hospital rounds or sees the same patients on a regular basis, such as geriatric or nephrology providers. For example, providers at dialysis clinics may see dozens of patients per day for either limited or comprehensive visits. Entering the same few charges for so many patients can be quite repetitive and time consuming. Now, those subsequent visits can be captured in as little as two seconds, giving providers back precious time every day.

Instant Capture will be available to all pMD users in October 2019.

pMD will be exhibiting their full product suite at the 2019 MGMA Annual Conference In New Orleans October 13 - 15. Visit booth #1018 to learn how pMD can help you maximize revenue, enhance collaboration across care teams, and improve overall patient outcomes.

About pMD
pMD gives health care professionals powerful, intuitive mobile software that improves patient care. With pMD's mobile communication, data capture, and care navigation platforms, health care teams finally have an elegant and simple technology to maximize efficiency and collaboration, capturing everything right at the point of care. pMD interfaces with all major electronic medical records, hospital systems, and medical billing systems, enabling the efficient sharing of data and cutting down on medical errors. pMD is committed to developing the best solution and providing superior customer service. For more information, contact pMD or visit

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