LG Uplus Launches AI Home Training and AR Shopping
LG Uplus Launches AI Home Training and AR Shopping
  • Jung So-yeon
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AI coach is helping models to train in real time in Smart Home service. (Image = LG Uplus)

LG Uplus held a press conference to announce its 5G service strategy at its headquarters in Yongsan, central Seoul, on Oct. 15 and announced its lifestyle-friendly 5G service "Smart Home" and "U+ AR shopping," which apply 5G to the health and shopping sectors.

Introduced with the opening of 5G in April, "U+ VR," "U+ AR," "U+ Professional Baseball," "U+ Golf" and "U+ Idol Live" were 1.0 for the 5G service. The cloud games "GeForce Now," eSports services "U+ Game Live," and 5G services 2.0, which were introduced in August.

The 5G service 1.0 is favored by male customers in their 30s and 40s. Cloud games and Gamelive, on the other hand, are favored by younger generations in their 20s and 30s. "Smart Home" and "AR Shopping" are the preferred content of female customers in their 30s and 50s.

According to a survey by Job Korea, 57.3 percent of adult men and women think "I am a home-training person." In addition, the paid membership of U.S. online health care pelocon exceeded 1 million, while Mirrors, a U.S. home training startup, is expected to continue to expand its home training market, attracting about $36 million in investment.

To advance into the home training market where synergy with 5G is expected, LG Uplus launched the "smart home" service, which provides about 200 health content, including muscle strength, yoga, pilates and stretching, in an exclusive partnership with Kakao VX.

LG Uplus will join hands with Kakao VX to provide professional coaching programs for famous athletes and trainers such as Son Yeon-jae (Rhythm Gymnastics) and Hwang Ah-young (Yoga) to secure more than 400 pieces of content by the end of the year.

The home shopping market will be worth 19.6 trillion won as of 2018. In addition, statistics show that 60 percent of users watch TV and watch their smartphones together.

Based on 5G, LG Uplus introduced a "U+AR shopping" service that provides real product images with 360° 3D AR for information on the product.

For how to use the app, download the U+AR shopping app from the app store and point to the home shopping screen that is on the air after the app runs the app. If the home shopping channel is recognized, information related to the products being broadcast is provided in AR format around the TV.

LG Uplus also mentioned its plan for the 5G service 3.0. The company said it will introduce new types of VR and AR services in the first half of next year and aims to pioneer the era of 5G, which will require 5G in all areas of the entire age group and daily life.

Meanwhile, "smart home" and "AR shopping" services are available for download from the app store. It is going to be used as a basis for 5G Smartphones that are going to be released.

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