Gov't to build 310 hydrogen charging stations by 2022
Gov't to build 310 hydrogen charging stations by 2022
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Announces a plan to build hydrogen infrastructure and charging system...86 stations to be built this year
Hyundai Hydroen Charging Station

The government will build 310 hydrogen charging stations in South Korea by 2022 so that people can drive within 30 minutes in major cities. Currently, 31 hydrogen charging stations are operating across the country, which will be expanded to a total of 86 by the end of this year.

On Oct. 22, the government came up with a plan to establish hydrogen infrastructure and charging stations. This is a follow-up measure to the roadmap for revitalizing the hydrogen economy (January) and the strategy for developing the future automobile industry (Oct. 15).

The government is expecting that it will resolve uncertainty about the hydrogen economy by clarifying its hydrogen supply infrastructure and charging station construction plan that are needed for the spread of hydrogen vehicles.

According to the plan, the government will diversify its hydrogen production methods and expand its storage and transportation infrastructure. It is expected that about 30,000 tons of hydrogen will be needed annually when it meets its target of 67,000 hydrogen vehicles in 2022. It is responding to growing demand through hydrogen production, storage, and transportation in accordance with the regional conditions.

To this end, a hydrogen distribution center will be set up. In the long term, it is going to establish a hydrogen price system that is centered on markets such as manufacturing large-capacity tube trailers, constructing pipe lines, and increasing liquefied transportation. The price of hydrogen is expected to be around 6,000 won per kilogram in 2022. Its goal is to halve the price to 3,000 won per kilogram by 2040.

A total of 310 hydrogen charging stations will be built in major cities (250) and at traffic hubs (60) such as expressways and transfer centers by 2022.

"Based on this plan, we will push ahead with the establishment of hydrogen infrastructure and charging stations without any disruptions and implement follow-up measures to enhance the economy, convenience and safety of hydrogen charging stations in a speedy manner," said an official of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

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