KT Chairman Hwang Chang-gyu gives lecture on '5G, Innovation for Prosperity' at ETH Zurich
KT Chairman Hwang Chang-gyu gives lecture on '5G, Innovation for Prosperity' at ETH Zurich
  • Lee Jun-sung
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KT Chairman Hwang Chang-gyu (Photo =  KT)

KT Chairman Hwang Chang-gyu gave a special lecture on "5G, Innovation for Prosperity" at ETH Zurich in Switzerland, a company spokesman said.
The ETH Zurich is a world-renowned engineering college that has produced 21 Nobel Prize winners, including Albert Einstein and Wilhelm Rontgen.

Hwang's lecture was held as the 33rd of the ETH Global Special Lecture Program, which has been hosted by the president's office of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich since 2014. This was the first time for a topic lecture on 5G among 33 lectures, and the first time for a solo lecture in Asia.

Looking back on the 30 years he spent as an engineer and a manager, Hwang stressed that the biggest opportunity came when he succeeded in "differentiating technology" by grasping future trends of 10 years. He explained that this was demonstrated in the past through 'The Law of Hwang' and 'The World's First Commercialization of 5G' that was pushed by KT.

Hwang stressed the KT's role in commercializing 5G faster than expected. He explained that it was able to advance the era of 5G thanks to KT's aggressive efforts by presenting its vision for 5G at MWC and announcing its plan to commercialize the world's first. Actually 5G was standardized 21 months earlier than previous generation LTE.

Hwang expected that the surprising changes that 5G will bring through the B2B service as well as the B2C service will further increase, and in the case of the industry, the spread of the 5G solution will result in a 50 percent decrease in on-site accidents and a 40 percent increase in productivity.

Hwang also predicted that ICT, including 5G, will reduce the damage caused by natural disasters, which amount to $210 billion a year worldwide, and contribute to solving the challenges facing mankind.

He introduced that KT has established "5G Safety Platform (disaster safety)" and "Global Epidemic Prevention Platform (GEPP)."
Meanwhile, the ETH Zurich also introduced Hwang Chang-gyu's special lecture on its facebook(www.facebook.com/1388867354723402/posts/2502194960057297).

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