AMD Image Quality Beats Competition By Up To 87 Percent in HQV 2.0 Image Quality Benchmark
AMD Image Quality Beats Competition By Up To 87 Percent in HQV 2.0 Image Quality Benchmark
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SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Every minute, more than 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube indicating that image quality is an increasingly important part of the PC experience.[1] With this in mind, AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced improvements to its ATI CatalystTM 10.6 driver suite that further strengthen the company's leadership position in image quality as measured by the HQV® Benchmark, Version 2.0. AMD scored 48 percent better than the competition in discrete graphics and up to 87 percent better than the competition in integrated graphics.[2] In addition, AMD supports the newly released Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 technology for more seamless video playback from popular online video sites.

"Through advancements in AMD hardware and software, we are helping people have a richer online experience," said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager, AMD Graphics Division. "Whether you plan to stream games during the world soccer event, watch last night's episode of your favorite show or play online video games, having the right hardware and software can make a big difference in achieving the best possible image quality."

HQV® Benchmark, Version 2.0

HQV® Benchmark, Version 2.0, is a collection of short videos, each presenting a hardware-intensive video playback scenario. The reviewer is


prompted to evaluate the success with which the video processor under load handles various video artifacts which may appear in the scene. Unlike 3D performance, where frame rate is the benchmark, video performance in HQV 2.0 is focused on gauging image quality and how often that quality is degraded by visual artifacts or other issues. HQV Benchmark version 2.0 provides a useful means to closely evaluate Blu-rayTM and DVD performance.

In HQV Benchmark, Version 2.0, AMD graphics hardware achieved significantly higher scores relative to graphics hardware from competitors.  Additionally, features introduced in the newly released ATI Catalyst 10.6 driver further enhanced the image quality of AMD graphics products and increased the overall score of AMD discrete and integrated graphics products in HQV Benchmark, Version 2.0.

ATI CatalystTM 10.6

ATI CatalystTM 10.6 drivers build upon AMD's leadership in video quality through improved cadence detection, dynamic contrast, and skin tone correction. In addition, new video post-processing features help with some of the issues, commonly called artifacts, which can occur when watching video that has been compressed onto a Blu-RayTM or standard definition DVD disc. In particular, ATI CatalystTM 10.6 helps reduce mosquito noise, the shimmering artifacts that appear near edges in videos, as well as deblocking, or smoothing out images that have become distorted by the compression process.

Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1

Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 takes advantage of both CPU and GPU hardware acceleration for more seamless video playback. Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 is the first consistent runtime release of the Adobe® Open Screen Project that enables uncompromised Web browsing of expressive applications, content and HD videos across devices. Leveraging graphics acceleration allows the PC to offload tasks from the CPU to reduce resource utilization.


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