McDonald's agrees with victim's family to end 'hamburger disease dispute'
McDonald's agrees with victim's family to end 'hamburger disease dispute'
  • Kim Min-jee
  • 승인 2019.11.13 11:54
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McDonald's Korea has agreed to end the dispute with a woman who claims that her child has hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) after eating McDonald's hamburgers. McDonald's has decided to provide all the expenses related to children's treatment.

McDonald's said on Nov. 12 that the mother of a child suffering from HUS and McDonald's had been engaged in humanitarian discussions to help the child recover from health, and that the two sides reached an agreement under court-appointed mediation on Nov. 11.

The two sides agreed to concentrate on treating children without engaging in any third party or group in the future. They have decided not to argue on the issue any further.

The dispute between the two sides began in 2016. A woman living in Pyeongtaek claimed in September 2016 that her then four-year-old child contracted HUS after eating McDonald's Bulgogi Burger, and the following year she filed a complaint against McDonald's for violating the Food Sanitation Act.

The woman filed a civil suit against McDonald's, though prosecutors have dropped the  McDonald's case, saying it is difficult to find evidence that HUS had been developed because of the McDonald's hamburger patty.

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