Labor union under the umbrella of FKTU launched in Samsung Electronics
Labor union under the umbrella of FKTU launched in Samsung Electronics
  • Lee Jun-sung
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Samsung Electronics labor union under the umbrella of the Federation of Korean Trade Unions (FKTU) was officially launched on Nov. 16.

Samsung Electronics, which has been advocating "nonunionized management," is currently operating three smaller unions, but it is the first time for workers’ union under the two largest umbrella labor unions was established since the company was founded in 1969.
"We have to realize now that the workers' rights are to strive for and win for ourselves, and that the company is not to take care of them as if they were giving us a favor," Samsung Electronics union leader Jin Yoon-seok told a news conference at the KFTU building in Yeouido. "We declare the establishment of a genuine labor union."
"The glory of Samsung Electronics was possible because of all of our seniors who gave their youth and lives to the company and their colleagues who worked day and night," Jin said. "However, the company staged its own festival, wrapping all of its success only as myths based on the management's keen insight and outstanding management skills."

"We died of unknown illness, and we had no choice but to leave without enduring murderous working conditions and unreasonable treatment," he said.

Samsung Electronics' labor union filed a declaration with the Ministry of Employment and Labor on Nov. 11, and the ministry on Nov. 13 recognized it as a legitimate labor union by granting a declaration of its establishment.

As a result, Samsung Electronics' labor union will be able to exercise their rights as stipulated in the labor union law, including collective bargaining.

Samsung Electronics' labor union did not disclose the exact number of its members, but the number is known to be around 500.

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