Nodle, interconnected IoT ecosystem builds on mesh networks expanding IoT connectivity in Korea
Nodle, interconnected IoT ecosystem builds on mesh networks expanding IoT connectivity in Korea
  • Monica Younsoo Chung
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Korea IT Times' interview with Micha Benoliel, CEO of Nodle
Micha Benoliel, CEO of Nodle
Micha Benoliel, CEO of Nodle

Nodle, an interconnected IoT ecosystem built on mesh networks recently announced its interest in expanding IoT connectivity in Korea. The Korea IT Times recently had a written interview with  Micha Benoliel, CEO of Nodle. He talked about Nodle’s app, Nodle Cash which allows users to earn money by using their smartphones as IoT beacons. By becoming a part of Nodle’s Citizen Network, users will be able to lend their data or WiFi connectivity to seamlessly deliver data packets on behalf of cellular networks as they go about their daily commute. Nodle recently launched the app on Google Play.


What was the biggest inspiration for you to create Nodle Cash App and The Citizen Network?

Having built some of the largest mobile mesh networks with my previous companies, like FireChat, it was clear that leveraging crowds would enable us to build what we call The Citizen Network. The Citizen Network can be joined by downloading a simple app, Nodle Cash, and a software-based crowd connectivity solution can be sparked in hours, almost anywhere on the planet. It is extremely powerful, secure and anonymous. That way, we can build connectivity across a city, a country, or a whole continent in a matter of days.

Nodle Cash—the cash reward—is paid to our users every couple minutes and is generated by tiny bits of information moved by your smartphones for acting as a node in The Citizen Network. 

What does it mean to be a part of Nodle’s Citizen Network? 

When you download the Nodle Cash app and turn on Bluetooth, your phone becomes a secure gateway to locate and connect nearby connected devices. This could be a bicycle, a shipping pallet, or a weather sensor—there are many use cases for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The “connecting” of devices around you is currently a passive process for the user, who simply goes about their normal day walking around. Eventually, we would like to add features that make the app feel more like Polemon GO.

Nodle Cash1


How does the Nodle Cash app work? Is the app available in Korea?

When your smartphone is in proximity to other electronic devices, sensors, or trackers, it connects and collects data from these devices and sends it back to the cloud to then be computed and/or routed to the owner and/or service operator of the device. You can compare this to the Pokémon GO of IoT, except all happens seamlessly without the need for you to be constantly on the app. Once the Nodle infrastructure has validated the data transmitted, the nodes receive the rewards in our native cryptocurrency —Nodle Cash. Our network is global, and the app is already translated and live in Korea. 

How much could a citizen in Korea expect to earn in Nodle Cash if they download it and leave it running?

We expect each Nodle user to take between 0.5–up to 2 Nodle Cash a month—on average. The value of the Nodle Cash will be defined by the demand for services built on top of the Nodle Network. The more Smart Cities, businesses and IoT manufacturers that use the network to build their own services, the more demand there will be for Nodle Cash.

What is The Citizen Network and how does it improve connectivity for IoT devices?

The Citizen Network is a global wireless network powered by you. We leverage what is called crowd connectivity, where the more people join The Citizen Network, the better the coverage and reliability of the network. 

Millions of people and devices connect and interact with nearby IoT devices. Because Nodle’s technology is a software-only, it can provide coverage for countries very quickly without having to deploy millions of dollars worth of cell towers. Nodle is used by companies across many industries—we currently have many pilots happening with national railways, hotels, and logistics providers—to get data on their supply chains and improve efficiency. Nodle also has a partnership with Ledger for security, HTC for distribution, and Cisco Meraki to improve the network coverage within facilities, campuses, or warehouses. 


Nodle Cash 2
Nodle Cash2

What IoT connectivity solutions exist today and how is Nodle’s crowdsourced network different?

In 2019, many solutions help connect people and devices to the internet. The most common is cellular, which while robust, is very expensive to deploy and connect to. Technologies like SigFox and LoRa are also great, but require cell towers to be deployed. There are rumors of adding these technologies to smartphones, which would make it very affordable to deploy. Nodle can support all of these technologies in the future. Currently, Nodle specializes in moving small amounts of “Delay-Tolerant” data. We’re focused on devices that could never support cellular due to size, cost, and power constraints. 

What led to Nodle wanting to expand into Korea?

Korea is one of the most exciting markets for technology. The best phones, appliances, apps, and technologies are all coming out of Korea. This need to connect billions of new devices, combined with Korea’s crypto literacy, make our team especially excited about the Korean Market. 

Nodle Cash3
Nodle Cash3


For those who want to learn more about Nodle’s presence in Korea, where should they look?

We encourage everyone to download the Nodle Cash app for Android, as it’s the best way to understand how our network works, and hold it in your hands. They can check our website, join our Telegram and share feedback!

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