Daewoo E&C builds a remote drone control system
Daewoo E&C builds a remote drone control system
  • Jung Jun-ho
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Daewoo E&C staff is operating a remote drone control system. (Source = Daewoo E&C)

Daewoo E&C announced on Dec. 9 that it succeeded in establishing a remote drone control system (DW-CDS) for the construction industry for the first time in Korea.

Daewoo's DW-CDS (Daewoo Construction Drone Surveillance) is a video control platform, CDS.Live, developed by using 4G and 5G network at the control center through its own applications and programs. People can monitor up to 256 sites at the same time by sending images with CDS.Live.

It supports automatic flight of each field drone at a remote location with the characteristics of the central control center, remotely controls the drone's flight and manages flight information, and allows all employees with authority to instantly transmit and save the captured images to check in real-time.

With the support of drone experts, drone personnel at the site will carry out automatic drone flights through the DW-CDS to check information at the construction site and apply them to the site through regular flights.

Remote drone control system (Source = Daewoo E&C)

Through this, Daewoo E&C has established the construction progress status and safety risk factors at the construction site to be identified at the remote site, and will use them effectively, in particular, to check the safety of facilities that are difficult for people to access, and to identify construction materials and safety facilities.

The system is also expected to serve as a black box to record and manage all the drone's flight information history, helping to identify the cause of the danger.

In the future, it will be used for process analysis, safety, environmental inspection, and disaster compensation in the construction sector. It is also expected to be applicable to disasters, firefighting, life searching, traffic control, and unmanned traffic management  (UTM).

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