Seven-Eleven reduces air pollution fine dust by blockchain
Seven-Eleven reduces air pollution fine dust by blockchain
  • Dan Yoo
  • 승인 2019.12.18 14:58
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The Seven-Eleven retailer and the blockchain-based meteorological big data company Observer announced on December 16 that they plan to install block-chained air pollution and weather monitoring devices for polluted fine dust in the convenience stores by the end of this year.

The Observer is planning to install over 100 Seven-Eleven stores by the end of this year and 3,000 Mini Weather Station, a weather and pollution monitoring device, by 2020.

"These devices will provide real-time pollution data to blockchains that can be shared with companies and agencies involved in fighting air pollution," an Observer official said. " Through a joint venture with Seven-Eleven, we created an opportunity to collect big data on the micro-scale."

Currently, fine dust and weather data are only available in some metropolitan areas, so it is difficult to know information about the areas of actual residents. 
It is seen possible to get rid of air polluted fine dust by blockchain anyone.

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