Hanmi Pharm keeps FTC's CP-rated "AA" for six years…the longest record
Hanmi Pharm keeps FTC's CP-rated "AA" for six years…the longest record
  • Lee Kap-soo
  • 승인 2019.12.23 11:48
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Courtesy of Hanmi Pharm

Hanmi Pharm, which received “AA” in the CP (Compliance Program) rating from the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) in 2016, has achieved the longest AA grade maintenance record for six years.

Hanmi Pharm announced on Dec. 20 that it has reacquired "AA," the highest level in the pharmaceutical industry, in the CP-grade evaluation that the FTC grants certification through an annual review.

As a result, Hanmi Pharma will continue to maintain its AA rating for six years from 2016 when it received its first "AA" certification until 2021, the expiration date of the latest certification.

Hanmi Pharm, which introduced CP throughout the company in 2007, has systemized its CP-related system since 2011 by making its compliance sector its own and by combining real-time CP monitoring and on-site inspections.

Hanmi Pharm executives and employees apply for the CP TEST every year and receive incentives through recommendations for the best people, while sharing information on CP through the intranet (cyber CP Zone).

In addition, the company operated the "Clean Management Website" to activate an internal whistle-blower system and established a system that complies with the intensive CP regulations through the enactment of the regulation in case of violating CP regulations.

In addition, the company regularly holds events to pledge self-compliant practice and trust through ethical management at educational sites where all of its employees are gathered.

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