uLikeKorea enters the global horse market with health monitoring system
uLikeKorea enters the global horse market with health monitoring system
  • Lee Kap-soo
  • 승인 2019.12.31 11:29
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Kim hee-jin, CEO of uLikeKorea, a smart livestock healthcare management company, said on Dec. 30 that it has successfully developed a health monitoring system for horses.

“uLikeKorea will introduce the new product in the second half of 2020 in Japan and Europe,” said Kim. There are 60 million horses worldwide and the global horse health management market is estimated to be worth $300 billion.

uLikeKorea has initially developed the LiveCare system for cows and through additional 3 years of R&D, recently announced successful development of health monitoring system for sheep and calves. And most recently, it announced the world’s first patch-typed horse health monitoring system.

Kim also said, “This was possible due to the initial development of LiveCare system which served as a foundation for other systems. uLikeKorea invested heavily into R&D and I am happy to see the investment and efforts make tangible fruits.

According to UN’s FAO, there are over 60 million horses worldwide and combined market value from key markets such as the U.S., Mexico, China, Brazil and Mongolia, is estimated to be over $300 billion.

“uLikeKorea’s goal is to become the leader in the premium horse market worth over $150 billion and will introduce the product and services through its European office,” she said.

Kim also stated, “We aim to become a global livestock health management company regardless of the type of the livestock. Our globalization effort will continue based on solid ICT technology and will continue to diversify our services.”

Currently uLikeKorea completed the opening of the Denmark office in Copenhagen and plans to expand into other key markets in 2020.

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