Designed for the New Decade, the All-New Amazfit HomeStudio Brings the Future of Immersive Fitness Training to Your Home
Designed for the New Decade, the All-New Amazfit HomeStudio Brings the Future of Immersive Fitness Training to Your Home
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In partnership with STUDIO, Amazfit Brings a Premium Connected Treadmill with SMART GYM HUB at an Unbelievable Value

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/KOREA IT TIMES -- Huami (NYSE: HMI), announced the new Amazfit HomeStudio, to deliver the future of immersive home fitness, in partnership with fitness entertainment leader STUDIO. The multi-functional treadmill supports a wide range of training activities and the connected smart SMART GYM HUB provides immersive and social training content.

Amazfit HomeStudio and Amazfit AirRun
Amazfit HomeStudio and Amazfit AirRun

A future-forward treadmill ready to support all your fitness endeavors

Amazfit HomeStudio is an industry-leading slat-belt treadmill, comprising 55 rubber-coated aluminum slats that provide the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Amazfit HomeStudio's SMART GYM HUB, a 43" LCD HD screen, connects you to the over 1,000 classes of treadmill, sculpting, stretching, yoga and more offered by STUDIO. The SMART GYM HUB can also be used independently for classes that do not require a treadmill. 

Amazfit HomeStudio enhances the home fitness experience with advanced AI and computer vision technology. It features a 3D time-of-flight (ToF) camera to provide feedback on your movement and posture.

"We've spent the past several years perfecting content, community, and software across millions of workouts," said Jason L. Baptiste, co-founder and CEO of STUDIO. "Partnering with Huami, we can now deliver our content on a device that allows for a highly personal and immersive experience unlike anything else out there on the market."

Three built-in JBL full-range speakers provide premium sound for an immersive and dynamic run. Support for linkages with Amazfit's other wearable devices enables heart rate data synchronization.

Amazfit AirRun[1]: An immersive fitness experience that you can fold away

The Amazfit AirRun, a treadmill that conveniently folds away in just five seconds[2], taking up 80% less space and able to be tucked under a sofa or bed. Despite being foldable, it features an expansive 51x20-inch high-density composite running deck that offers the stability and openness of outdoor running. 

Like HomeStudio, Amazfit AirRun offers an immersive audio environment through its built-in surround-sound JBL speakers. Plus, AirRun is also a connected device, which can link to SMART GYM HUB as well.

For press kit and high-resolution product images:

[1]NOTE: Please use the phrase "Amazfit AirRun" instead of "AirRun" only, due to trade mark concerns

[2]Data by Amazfit Lab

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