MFDS to recall Japanese Flowfushi cosmetics after detecting radioactive materials
MFDS to recall Japanese Flowfushi cosmetics after detecting radioactive materials
  • Kim Min-jee
  • 승인 2020.01.09 11:04
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Health authorities have taken measures to recall 10 types of Japanese cosmetics, including mascara, which is gaining huge popularity in Korea, as radioactive materials were detected in the cosmetics.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) announced on Jan. 8 that it ordered the stoppage of the sales of 10 cosmetics products, including mascara manufactured by Japanese cosmetics maker Flowfushi and imported and sold by Haitibex International as radioactive materials such as thorium (Th-232) and uranium (U-238), which are banned, were detected in the cosmetics.

Subject to recall are seven types of Flowfushi Mote mascara and three types of Mote liner. Mascara products were found to have an annual exposure dose of 6.96×10-9 micro sievert (mSv/y) and eyeliner 9.36×10-9 mSv/y.

According to the MFDS, radioactive materials that cannot be used in cosmetics have been identified, but the level is far lower than the safety standard (1 mSv/y) for annual exposure dose under the "Living Neighborhood Radiation Safety Management Act."

The MFDS asked consumers who purchased the product to return it to importers (responsible vendors of cosmetics) or places of purchase.

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