Hyundai Samho succeeds in moving the world's largest heavy goods on land
Hyundai Samho succeeds in moving the world's largest heavy goods on land
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2020.01.21 09:33
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39,000 tons, more than double the previous Guinness world record

Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries (HSHI) has successfully built its 100th ship on land, breaking the world's largest record for movement of heavy goods since the completion of the ship's on land construction system in 2008.

According to HSHI on Jan. 20, the company successfully completed the process of moving the 174,000-square-meter LNG carrier’s hull to the floating dock, which was ordered by NYK.

The vessel was 297 meters long, 46.4 meters wide and 26.5 meters deep, weighing 39,000 tons, moving about 350 meters for three-and-half hours on an average of 1.8 meters per minute.

The move is equivalent to double the world's largest land-based movement of the 15,000-ton vessel listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

So far, 47 tankers have been built on the land construction system with 19 gas ships and 16 container ships.

Among oil tankers, in particular, six ships equipped with LNG DF system, which have recently been in the limelight, were also built there.

The on land construction technique is a method of building ships on bare ground, then moving them to offshore floating dock, then launching them. Hyundai Samho has been able to win ship orders so far by securing productivity above the dock level by using self-driving carriers that can lift up to 41,000 tons.

"The on land construction system is the most differentiated part from the competitors and can maximize the productivity of the company’s entire fleet operations," said an official of Hyundai Samho.

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