Liveclicker Introduces Geo-Prediction for Email
Liveclicker Introduces Geo-Prediction for Email
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New Feature Dramatically Increases Personalization Reach and Performance for Brand Clients

NEW YORK, Jan. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE/KOREA IT TIMES) -- Liveclicker, a global provider of real-time email personalization solutions for B2C marketers today announced that their platform offers geo-prediction for email. Brands will now have the predictive power of machine learning to increase the number of emails that can include personalized content. Geo-prediction improves the accuracy of limited-time offers, weather based messaging, and other time-sensitive content. Hot Topic, the fashion retailer, was able to predict the location of over 3.1 million subscribers within the last quarter whose location had previously been unknown. The newly predicted subscribers received personalized email, which dramatically improved click through rates and conversion rates.  

“After turning on geo-prediction, we’re already seeing major improvements with time-based targeted elements, which have helped us increase click-through rates by 55% and grow conversion rates 10%,” said Faith Bukauskas, Senior Email Marketing Analyst for Hot Topic. “Now that we can anticipate when and where this previously unknown group of Gmail users are opening our emails, we'll be able to deliver the content and messaging that matters most right then and there. We’re excited to adapt this new capability and engage even more Hot Topic subscribers with hyper-relevant, personalized experiences!” 

Major email providers including Gmail, Yahoo! and AOL do not share the location of an email subscriber when they open email in certain cases, such as through a browser, defaulting instead to the location of their own servers. Liveclicker created the predictive technology to solve for the geo-location issue by combining information from different email open scenarios for the same subscriber, such as when they open through an app. 

Geo-prediction works by triangulating across different devices to approximate a location for a subscriber who would otherwise be impossible to locate due to email client limitation. Using advanced analysis, Liveclicker can accurately predict location when the email provider doesn’t share that data. For brands, this equates to location-based personalized messaging for millions more active subscribers.

“Geo-prediction allows our clients to deliver more personalized messages to millions more subscribers, improving their customer experience, and increasing performance. A true win-win,” said Kenna Hilburn, Chief Operating Officer at Liveclicker. “We are thrilled to work with Hot Topic and our other brands to make email fun, exciting and relevant for everyone.”

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