Hanmi Pharm signs a contract with Standigm to find candidate materials for new drugs
Hanmi Pharm signs a contract with Standigm to find candidate materials for new drugs
  • Lee Kap-soo
  • 승인 2020.01.23 13:31
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Hanmi Pharm is planning to introduce AI (Artificial Intelligence) in earnest to find candidate materials for new drugs, which is the first step in developing innovative new drugs globally.
Hanmi Pharm made an announcement on Jan. 22 that it signed a joint research contract with Standigm, which specializes in new drug development based on AI, and decided to actively use AI during the initial research phase of the new drug development.
Based on its own AI technology, such as "Standigm BEST®," an AI-based leading optimization platform, is currently developing pipelines in various areas, including anti-cancer and non-alcoholic fatty liver, and has been actively conducting joint research with a number of pharmaceutical companies.
It is predicted that new drug candidate materials produced through cooperation between the two companies will lead to the development of commercialization (clinical/production/authorization) led by Hanmi Pharm.
"We expect AI to play a big role in drastically reducing time and cost and extracting innovative candidate materials in the early stages of the new drug development," said Kwon Se-chang, CEO of Hanmi Pharm. "We will do our best to continuously derive promising candidate materials that can succeed in the global market through research cooperation with Standigm."

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