Netmarble, ‘Magic: Manastrike’ officially launched globally
Netmarble, ‘Magic: Manastrike’ officially launched globally
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2020.01.30 10:38
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Netmarble announced on January 30 that it has officially released the mobile real-time strategy game Magic: Manastrike worldwide.

‘Magic: Manastrike’ is a mobile real-time strategy game that utilizes Intelligent Property of TCG (Magic: The Gathering), the world’s first trading card game.

The game recreates the original card and worldview in 3D graphics, and offers the fun of card collection and growth through rich card deck customization, fast and intuitive gameplay and easy manipulation, and PVP warfare, which can carry out their own strategies based on five colors.

There is also a bountiful special reward for the launch. All users will be given jewelry and gold, 10 kinds of Plains Walker emoticons and player icons, which are goods in the game.

In addition, attendance events will be held to mark the release of the game. The seven-day attendance alone will allow them to earn abundant rewards, such as card packs, jewelry and gold, which will help them play games.

"I am happy to introduce the game to fans and users who love 'Magic: The Gathering' around the world," Netmarble Lee Jung-wook said. "In addition to the fun of the original, I hope you enjoy the strategic fun of the 'Magic: Manastric.'"

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