Africa, vast treasure trove of the fastest-growing global village
Africa, vast treasure trove of the fastest-growing global village
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Im Byung-min, Chairman of Agerigna (
Im Byung-min, Chairman of Agerigna (


Africa is the last treasure trove of the fastest growing global village on the five seas and the six continents. Countries with the fastest economic growth in Africa, Ethiopia has been a long debate about the need for a stock exchange established. The reason why the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa Stock Exchange should be established is that the establishment of a stock exchange allows Ethiopia to take the biggest leap in the African economy.

Now that Ethiopia could leap to the African economy GDP should be global and a shared economy and Ethiopia would have to share the global capital markets Club and the economy that Ethiopia to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) have long ago. Ethiopia has prepared a lot of companies that can be traded on the stock exchange and the stock exchange in Ethiopia will lead the African economy.

However, it is important to create a stock exchange equipment HW and SW systems technology needed here, and the total system technology for securities trading market in Ethiopia.

Korea already has the skills and experience to export and set up related technologies to four overseas countries. Korea is the cost of creating a stock exchange, including the international legal system for reinforcement trading, and cutting-edge smartphone trading that allows you to trade with the world. It would require about 35 ~ 40 million US $ investors. Ethiopia Stock Exchange Market(ESEM) preparations should be made to the company as a first step ESEM Promotion Task Force is ready to Ethiopia. Task Force prepared to fund think in Saudi Arabia, Global Total operating system technology, the ideal way most reasonable way to build collaboration in Korea KRX.

The true financial infrastructure as a major obstacle in the financial sector and financial inclusiveness is true, but Economic Activity and takes government is a very important roadmap for introducing trading financial instruments, including capital market. The increased lending to the private sector by 15-20% per year ensures fair and it will extend expenditures to credit institutions registered for microfinance institutions. The Stock Exchange Trading system introduction of modern financial techniques aims to be achieved as soon as possible improving the use and offline trade building systems that enable e-commerce and digital banking and is to introduce a capital market.

If the company that can be traded on the stock exchange in Ethiopia some 50 impacts on listed companies have fiscal and GDP growth has jumped a forecast. Financial experts can also be realized in a planned Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa Stock Exchange soon introduced. If you just moved to Korea localization, techniques have the offline transactions on-line Global Smart Deal trading technology, you can freely trade with the United States Securities and Europe. Build the necessary financial and technical infrastructure.

It’s can create as government laws and regulations of international law legislation localization needed to secure the Ethiopian Stock Exchange, Ethiopian government to local companies to adopt IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard). It also automatically monitors your computer Ai Stock Exchange, the technology infrastructure, reliable and possible fiscal surveillance and information and training skilled personnel. A particularly Africa will be able to secure a large foreign workforce by training the computer language many young and smart bracket assets if exported abroad.

And I will mention two more. There are many excellent young human resources in universities in Africa, was selected to excellent students of university education the knowledge necessary computer era SW productive programming language is to export overseas Programmer. The whole world is lacking today and tomorrow. China also lacks programmers. And will be planted in the special agricultural products to a large and rich fertile soil in Africa also need strategies to export abroad. Now anyone with a smartphone can farm anytime, anywhere can self. We can call it the upcoming 5th of the industrial revolution, the Smart Farm.

However, the Korean government's KRX is ready to provide technical support at the request of the Ethiopian Ministry of Economy. I look forward to releasing the Ethiopia Stock Exchange System as soon as possible. Korea's experience and technical infrastructure will be able to jump the Ethiopian economy and GDP can also contribute to economic growth in Africa.

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