SK Telecom to Open 3D Content Production Studio
SK Telecom to Open 3D Content Production Studio
  • Jung So-yeon
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SK Telecom is going to open ‘Jump Studio’, a mixed reality manufacturing facility, in Seoul. (Coutesy of SK Telecom)

SK Telecom is going to open ‘Jump Studio’, a mixed reality manufacturing facility, in Seoul. Through a domestic contract with Microsoft, it will introduce Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studio technology for the first time in Asia.

Mixed Reality is a technology that implements 3D virtual images and images that maximize realism in real space. While AR shows virtual images in real-world spaces and VR implements virtual images in virtual spaces, Mixed Reality is an advanced technology that brings advantages of the two technologies so that users and realistic virtual images can interact in real-world spaces.

Recently, performances and events using holograms have attracted public attention, a case in which Mixed Reality technology is being applied to real life.

SK Telecom is planning to help customers in various fields such as entertainment, education and medical services easily produce 3-D content through ‘Jump Studio’ with the aim of leading the popularization of real media services such as AR, VR and MR.

For example, entertainment companies can produce three-dimensional avatars of idol singers and utilize them for performances and fan services, while broadcasters can apply three-dimensional images and videos of sports players to various broadcasting screens.

The Jump Studio will feature more than 100 cameras and the latest graphics equipment. All work will be done quickly, such as filming a specific person or object with a camera inside the studio, creating a realistic three-dimensional image and image results.

Jump Studio provides quality content to businesses or individual customers by drastically reducing the time and cost of producing existing 3-D content. Currently, production of contents involves numerous second-half manual tasks, which can be replaced with the latest technologies such as texturing and motion sensing.

"In order to expand 5G real media services, innovation in the stage of contents production is essential," said Jun Jin-soo, head of SK Telecom’s 5GX service business. "We will lead the popularization of real media services by activating jump studio."

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