GS Shop suspends live broadcast as its employee was infected with coronavirus
GS Shop suspends live broadcast as its employee was infected with coronavirus
  • Lee Jun-sung
  • 승인 2020.02.07 09:59
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GS Shop (GS Home Shopping), which has been confirmed that one of its employees was infected with the new coronavirus, has decided to suspend live broadcasts from Feb. 6.

GS Shop said it will start closing its workplace from 1 p.m. to 6 a.m. on Feb. 8.
The company made the decision belatedly after controversy arose over its poor response, including requiring the employees to come to work normally even after the employee is confirmed to be infected with the virus.

GS Shop will close the company's doors during the period and begin disinfection and quarantine measures. Employees will work at home or go on paid leave.

The employee working for GS Shop was confirmed to have been infected on Feb. 5. The employee is known to have been "secondary infection" from the family of the confirmed patient on Feb. 2.

The employee was at the head office until Jan. 30. She later worked at home and was confirmed to have been an infected patient the previous evening.

GS Shop suspects the employee was infected with the virus while living in the same building with her family, who earlier contracted the new coronavirus. The company ordered department members who work with the infected patient at the same team to work at home for 14 days.

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