Face becomes ID card…. LG CNS introduces face recognition access service
Face becomes ID card…. LG CNS introduces face recognition access service
  • Jung Jun-ho
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Employees recognize faces on face recognition access systems at LG CNS headquarters. Even if wearing a mask, it can be recognized through AI. (Courtesy of LG CNS)

LG CNS announced on Feb. 11 that it has fully introduced “face recognition access service” at 26 entrance gates of its headquarters located at LG Science Park in Magok.

It is a service that recognizes faces by installing a device at the entrance gate and analyzes facial information with AI technology and controls identification and access.

When a user shows his or her face to a device, all of them can be seen in 0.3 seconds from face recognition to information retrieval, identification, and opening of the access gate.

Employees recognize faces on face recognition access systems in the elevator of LG CNS headquarters. (Courtesy of LG CNS)

It can read despite various constraints such as mask, glasses, makeup, and facial angle, and its accuracy exceeds 99%. It can identify a user wearing a mask even when he or she passes the gate looking at his or her smartphone.

This is because face recognition AI models have been enhanced to learn a lot of facial information and distinguish people only by how they look around their eyes and nose.

If you upload photos of employee certification held by companies and agencies to the system after employee consent, you will be ready for face recognition. The company explains that it does not need to take separate photo sessions to register face information, nor does it need to scan fingerprints or iris.

"We will continue to propel open innovation with sense time and expand our business to various areas such as detection of intrusion into restricted areas by combining AI and physical security technologies in video areas such as CCTV," said Joo Seong-jin, a security/IoT officer at LG CNS.

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