SK Bioscience pushes for developing 'vaccine manufacturing technology platform’
SK Bioscience pushes for developing 'vaccine manufacturing technology platform’
  • Jung So-yeon
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A researcher at SK Bioscience is examining the vaccine. (Courtesy of SK Bioscience)

SK Bioscience is seeking to secure its vaccine development platform technology so that it can respond more quickly to the newly popular strains of viruses.

SK Bioscience said on Feb. 24 that it will launch R&D to secure a technology platform for making vaccines that are quickly applicable in the event of a new infectious disease outbreak.

It commercialized the world's first cell-cultivated flu vaccine in 2016 and developed the anti-pneumonia vaccine. In 2018, it launched the next-generation pneumonia vaccine with a global pharmaceutical company.

SK Bioscience also applied for a patent on the " Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) Coronavirus S Protein Immunity Source Formation and How to Make It" by propelling the MERS vaccine development in 2017.

SK Bioscience Research Institute is conducting research to produce vaccines. (Courtesy of SK Bioscience)

The core of the platform technology is the general purpose of developing vaccines quickly through the same process in the event of the emergence of the new respiratory infectious disease strain, and high safety considering the highly pathogenic virus.

SK Bioscience plans to carry out successful tasks based on technologies that can produce various vaccines, including cell culture, bacterial culture, gene recombination and protein bonding, and molecular biology knowhow such as antigen protein design, gene synthesis and cloning, vector fabrication and protein refining.

It has also established a system that allows mass production as soon as new vaccine development is completed through Andong L House, a vaccine factory.

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