The war against viruses more frightening than nukes
The war against viruses more frightening than nukes
  • Im Byung-min (
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Im Byung-min, Chairman of Agerigna
Im Byung-min, Chairman of Agerigna


The situation of the global community is more serious than expected due to 'Global warming'. Natural disasters in many parts of the world, such as recent wildfires in Australia and unseasoned floods in Venice, are not auspicious. More serious thing is that global leaders are not yet taking stern action, despite the fact that the Earth's temperature is rising every year and the melting of the Antarctic glaciers is gradually decreasing and the unfortunate future of mankind is predicted

Recently, another fear has risen rapidly due to global warming. If humans in the 20th century have been threatened by nuclear weapons, it is the virus that is feared to us in the 21st century. The short-sighted pursuit of immediate interests by politicians around the world is making people stupid to ignore the looming catastrophe for humanity. 

New Zealand and other multinational teams have found 700-year-old reindeer excrement in glaciers and found a virus that has never been seen in feces. They have confirmed that the virus from hundreds of years ago is still alive and capable of infection. The virus that has been sleeping in glaciers can wake up by global warming and spread to various host countries, causing disasters such as SARS, Ebola, Merris, and Corona. 

In 2016, the Ebola virus in West Africa killed about 11,315 people. About 28,638 people were infected at the time, and the Ebola virus had a death rate of about 40 percent. The virus has caused even the economy of the country to collapse.

Recently, Chinese media reported that the virus had spread through garbage, and which is a rumor. There have been no cases of SARS, Ebola or MERS that have started to spread through waste. Bill Gates predicted at a forum three years ago that the future virus could kill a billion people in the world. Now Leaders of the world must take priority in responding to the virus, not to the arms race, such as nuclear development and aircraft carriers as well as the conquest of space. We need to work on prevention and treatment and the overall system for this.

At this rate, the clock that signals the end of the world is only getting closer to the time of disaster. To turn the clock backward, it requires multilateral cooperation and international SNS communication platforms. We also need to create a unified global environmental protection law and enforce it strongly. We appreciate the fact that we're still alive at this moment and we still have the opportunity to improve the situation, and we need to focus on solving global warming as soon as possible to see the future.

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