Where the Innovation Plan for 3DTV is, Where it Might be Going
Where the Innovation Plan for 3DTV is, Where it Might be Going
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David Ebu Wood, head of new products in the E. U. [European Union] gave an address at the KOBA (20th Korea International Broadcast, Audio and Lighting Equipment Show) 2010 that included cyclic effects and processes to be considered in the R & D of technology. When Mr. Wood made his presentation he was referring to broadcasting technology specifically but the principles that he cited regarding what shapes the direction of R & D of new media are useful for the removal or rose colored glasses and planning a position in amongst innovation in the areas of TV and computer convergence.


Where Korea is:

In countries with organised industries the space in the innovation spectrum that a country occupies is said by David Wood, to be predetermined, to an extent.  Though, not all is as straightforward and orchestrated, open markets have room for underdogs, new players and game changing inventions, new materials, new types of convergence areas etc.

In the deduction of cycles for the innovation of 3DTV David said that, 'each generation of TV may have a cycle time of 10 years' and the generations were said to be:

  1. Plano-Stereoscopic [Now]
  2. Multiview
  3. Holoscopic
  4. Object wave recording


And it was said that the level of innovation for the first generation were:

  1. colour anaglyph
  2. new display -HDTV frame compatible
  3. new display and new stb[set top box] -frame compatible enhancement
  4. new display and new stb -service compatible


In terms of tidbits, Mr. Wood said that level 2 was coming to an end. So knowing where Korean TV is and is likely going, where are other factors taking the TV


Where is it going

David Woods said that in looking at how new media changes behaviors, the future can be influenced.  Part of the behavior changes observed can also be used in adding to convergence growth, for example the learning amplification aspects of Virtual Reality [VR] have application and require consideration for 3DTV. Concentrating on 3DTV David Wood said that areas of interest were in how viewing 3DTV affects behavior.

IPTV is an item on the Korea U-City plan and hypothetically this implies Social TV.  But before you begin discussing a new content business idea remember that uptake is more than simply availability in most markets.

David's observation about human behavior is most astute for a variety of reasons, the learning in all of the separate areas of convergence is important for internet consideration of content, if this is where it ends up going.

So the lines are maybe getting blurred as areas of computer and TV convergence are discussed and many pundits believe that Social TV is inevitable.

Jakob Nielsen, 79 patent holding human computer interaction expert, has given his five quality components of Usability Goals, for the web initially, as: Learnability, Efficiency, Memorability, Errors (as in low error rate), Satisfaction.  And there is much, much more to consider besides.

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