Hanjin Chairman Cho says, "There is no fruit in the improvised soil," criticizing tripartite alliance
Hanjin Chairman Cho says, "There is no fruit in the improvised soil," criticizing tripartite alliance
  • Lee Kap-soo
  • 승인 2020.03.03 10:59
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Hanjin Group Chairman Cho Won-tae issued a commemorative speech on March 2 to mark the 51st anniversary of Korean Air. He called for a strong step toward the new 100 years, saying, "I hope we will personally sow new seeds for the future of Korean Air."

Chairman Cho did not directly mention the tripartite alliance, but he called it "an improvised soil," which considers companies as just a means of making money. Through the expression, he indirectly criticized the three-way alliance -- KCGI, Bando Engineering and Cho Hyun-ah, former vice president.

"The valuable and precious seeds of our executives and employees should be scattered in good places," Cho said. "The seeds planted in such places as soil, which is a mixture of these and other materials, can never bear fruit."

He also said, "Mature land that has endured the rain and wind for a long time, such a place that cherishes seeds and can take root sufficiently, is the right soil to plant our daily lives, dedication and sacrifice."

Cho also said that he and his executives should plant “seeds" in the company to create a bright future for Korean Air. "I believe that the ordinary lives of our employees are the most precious and good seeds for the shining future of Korean Air," Cho said. "Your dedication and sacrifice on board are also priceless seeds that cannot be compared to anything else."

"The process will not always be smooth until we reach the fruits we want," Cho added. "But let's continue to sow seeds day by day, look at the valuable future in the seeds and cultivate them with love and care."

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