4 Million Smartphone Users Coming Up
4 Million Smartphone Users Coming Up
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4 million people will buy Smartphone by the end of this year
Last September, KCC (Korean Communications Commission) forecasted that around 2013, Smartphone users will exceed 400 million. But, it seems like it won't be hard to break the record within this year. Because premium level phones such as Galaxy S and iPhone 4 are leading the growth of Smartphone market and the flagship models of each company are ready to come out in the second half as well. In addition, marketing is going to become active.

Four million Smartphone subscribers are worth 16-17 percent share in the mobile phone market in Korea. Market share rose by 15 percent compared to last year, only 2-3 percent.

Entering to the four million ages for Smartphone means the popularization of smart phones as well as fully-fledged mobile content and application services just like other advanced market.

Meanwhile, the largest sales record of single items in the first half is the iPhone 3G. If the form of things lasts from December till now, the sales will have reached 800 thousand. Many experts expect that if it's lucky, making 4 million Smartphone users would be possible in October otherwise in early December.

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