LG Electronics to Global Launch 2020 LG OLED AI ThinQ
LG Electronics to Global Launch 2020 LG OLED AI ThinQ
  • Jung So-yeon
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LG OLED TV ZX (Courtesy of LG Electronics)

LG Electronics released the 2020 LG OLED AI ThinQ on March 11.

LG OLED AI ThinQ is a product that won the "best" award in the TV category at CES 2020 earlier this year. LG Electronics is going to release new 65-inch and 55-inch products first in South Korea and expand its lineup to 77-type products next month.

A new product (model name: 77/65/55GX) that applies gallery design is a product that reflects changes. The TV has built-in screens, drive parts, speakers and wall-mounted parts without needing external devices. Starting with South Korea and the U.S. at the end of this month, it will be released sequentially.

Leading foreign media also praised the design of the gallery design. "LG's minimal design suggested a new standard for wall-mounted TVs," said Tom's Guide, an IT media outlet. "The LG TV is thinner than most of the artworks, so it feels like I'm at an art museum," said Digital Trend, an IT media outlet.

LG Electronics is also going to release a new product (model name: 65WX) that is applied with wallpaper design next month. The product is only 4 millimeters thick, making it feel like a picture is attached to the wall.

LG Electronics is also going to release 8K (model name: 88/77ZX) in order starting next month. The product requires no backlight, and about 130 million sub-pixel light themselves to express more delicate picture quality. Both horizontal and vertical definition definition also implements 'Real 8K' or higher than 90%. The new 77-type product has been applied with gallery designs for wall-mounted customers.

LG OLED TV GX (Courtesy of LG Electronics)

The "artificial Intelligence Homeboard" function, which conveniently controls home appliances in a house with TVs, has become more convenient. Customers watch TV screens and can easily check and control the state of the home appliance at a glance with remote control or voice control.

The newly added "LG routine" feature allows customers to control the appliances they regularly use every day at one time by saying "good morning."

For example, it is possible to turn off the air conditioner and air purifier on your way to work, and turn the robot vacuum cleaner around at once.

The products released in South Korea are also linked to 'Naver Clova', 'Google Associates', and 'Kakaoi'. Customers can use Kakao AI speakers to control basic TVs, as well as ask about weather, time and stock information on artificial intelligence speakers and check answers on TV screens. Its overseas release products are also linked to Amazon's Alexa.

LG Electronics reflected the changing lifestyle of its customers in its new products. TV is being reborn as a device for consumption of content such as games and videos.

The new product supports industry-leading gaming capabilities. The fast "screen response speed," a strength of OLED TVs, accurately expresses changes in color and intensity. Users can also enjoy high-end games with smoother screens without stuttering.

The industry's first graphic-compatible feature "G-SYNC Compatibility" of "NVIDIA" matches the injection rate of graphic cards and TV screens on external devices. This function can minimize screen breaks that occur when the injection rate is different

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