Samsung Takes In SBC Technology in the Office
Samsung Takes In SBC Technology in the Office
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Samsung brings in SBC (Single Board Computers) technology. SBC is a complete computer built on a single circuit board providing all the required 1/0 with no provision for plug-in cards. Because of its very high levels of unification, reduced component counts and reduced connector counts, SBC is now in industrial situations. In addition, SBS is more power efficient and more reliable than comparable multi-board computers.

On July 5, Samsung introduced an SBC Virtualization Environment to strengthen internal security and has embarked on a test project with Samsung SDS.

Samsung SDS has completed the base composition of infrastructure and thin-client unit selection and is processing for users and specific test appliers. Thin-client, called slim client as well, is a computer program which depends on its server.

After some time testing, Samsung will expand the use of SDS within the Samsung group and decide the exact dates to introduce.

Earlier this year, LG CNS brought in an SBC environment into the company.

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