LG Electronics to Launch 2020 Nano Cell TV Globally with 8K and more
LG Electronics to Launch 2020 Nano Cell TV Globally with 8K and more
  • Jung So-yeon
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LG Electronics will further strengthen its push for the global premium TV market with its top premium line-up OLED TV, along with "Nano Cell TV" applied with nano-cell technology.

Nanosell is a technology that applies fine particles measuring about one nanometer (nm, one-billionth of a meter) to TV panels. Fine particles added on top of LCD panels fine-tune the wavelengths of light from the backlight to express the color in detail and accuracy.

Existing LCD TVs can display different red colors from the real ones, with their unique red wavelengths mixed in fine colors such as yellow or orange. Nanoshell technology absorbs these yellow and orange wavelengths and makes them the closest red color to real life, enhancing the expression of pure color.

LG Electronics has been using the "LG Nano Cell TV" brand overseas since 2017 for LCD TVs that are applied with its own development Nano Cell technology. This year, the company also plans to apply the "LG Nano Cell TV" brand in Korea to maximize synergy effects.

LG Electronics is going to release its 2020 LG Nanoshell AI ThinQ (model name: 86/75/65Nano93) in foreign countries such as North America and Europe starting from South Korea.

The main model of the "LG Nanoshell AI ThinQ" comes with a deep learning-based third-generation artificial intelligence processor that learns the characteristics of images and sounds, optimizing the quality and sound of the original images after analyzing them on its own.

Users can easily check at-a-glance the condition of home appliances linked to TVs and control them using the artificial intelligence home board function installed in the product. It also supports voice recognition of artificial intelligence, allowing users to easily control TVs and search for weather and stock information.

LG Nanoshell AI ThinQ (Courtesy of LG Electronics)

LG Electronics has significantly increased its 'LG Nano Cell 8K AI ThinQ' model this year compared to last year. In Korea, 75 models (model names: 75Nano99 and 75Nano97) will be released first this month, and 65Nano99 (model names: 65Nano99, 65Nano97) next month.

The 4K resolution "LG Nanoshell AI ThinQ" will be presented in various sizes, including 86, 75, 65 and 55 models (model names: 86Nano93, 75Nano93, 65Nano83, 55Nano83).

The shipment price of the 2020 model "LG Nano Cell 8K AI ThinQ" is between 5.5 and 8.9 million won, while the 4K resolution "LG Nano Cell AI ThinQ" is between 1.89 and 6 million won.

"We will continue to lead the global premium TV market by expanding our customers' choice by focusing on 'Nano Cell TV' including top premium OLED TV." said Vice President Park Hyung-se of LG Electronics' HE Business Headquarters.

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