LG CNS Uses AI Face Recognition Device at the Entrance
LG CNS Uses AI Face Recognition Device at the Entrance
  • Jung So-yeon
  • 승인 2020.03.26 14:50
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AI is analyzing employee's face to determine if the employee wore the mask correctly. (Courtesy of LG CNS)

LG CNS said on March 26 that it has launched a service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) face recognition devices which only employees wearing masks pass through the entrance at its headquarters in Magok, Seoul.

This system is an AI face recognition technology that can distinguish people by intensively analyzing the appearance around eyes and nose. It also checks the identity of the staff and determines if staff wears the mask or not.

If an employee does not wear a mask or wears a mask only on the chin or mouth, the word "Please wear a mask" is displayed and the gate is not opened. The system is also equipped with heat-sensing functions, so employees cannot enter if their body temperature is above 37.3 degrees.

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