SKT to Challenge the World's Top Telecoms in the 5G Market
SKT to Challenge the World's Top Telecoms in the 5G Market
  • Jung Jun-ho
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SK Telecom is celebrating the first anniversary of commercialization of 5G by inspecting 5G base stations on a building located in Seoul. SK Telecom has expressed its ambition to challenge the world's top 5G Players in cooperation with top domestic and foreign companies this year. (Courtesy of SK Telecom)

On April 3 last year, SK Telecom commercialized 5G for the first time in the world. Since then, it has won various world's first 5G titles, such as quickly reaching 1 million subscribers.

According to the January 2020 statistics of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communication, SK Telecom's share of 5G was 44.7 percent and about 2.22 million 5G subscribers, making it the undisputed No. 1 player in the 5G market in Korea.

SK Telecom's 5G customers accounted for 53 percent of all 5G subscribers in their 30s and 40s. Considering that people in their 30s and 40s currently account for 32 percent of SK Telecom's LTE subscribers, the proportion of people in their 30s and 40s of 5G subscribers is significantly higher than that of LTE.

The company established a 5G service environment centered on 70 "5G clusters," a 5G network specialized zone, and about 1 million customers visited "5G clusters." As 5G infrastructure was first established in South Korea, South Korean Smartphone and telecommunication equipment companies quickly increased their share of the global 5G market.

SK Telecom's 5G subscribers' total data usage has averaged 62,000 terabytes per month over the past three months. The average monthly data usage per person during the same period was 28.5GB, about twice as much data as when using LTE before changing the device to 5G, the survey showed.

5G subscribers actively use media services rather than LTE subscribers. As of February this year, VR (Jump VR) and online video (Wave, etc.) and game app usage were 7.0 times, 3.6 times and 2.7 times more than LTE users. They are all services that require high-capacity and ultra-high-speed data communication rather than other services.

SK Telecom's 5G immediately led to the expansion of new businesses at home and abroad.

Global companies such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) chose SK Telecom as their partner for cloud business among other Korean telecom companies.

The company has successfully won orders for next-generation ATSC3.0 broadcasting in the U.S. and quantum cryptography communication in the U.S. in recognition of its advanced 5G technology.

SK Telecom transferred or exported 5G technology to mobile telecommunication companies that represent countries such as Deutsche Telekom in Europe, Taiwan Mobile in Taiwan, and IT&E in Guam in the U.S. to raise the status of Korea's telecommunication industry.

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