New Pigment by Merck, 'Ronastar Dazzling Lights'
New Pigment by Merck, 'Ronastar Dazzling Lights'
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Expansion of Ronastar® Lights series of the Smart Effects program

Small particle size with directed light reflection and high chroma thanks to engineered high-tech pigment architecture
Ronastar Dazzling Lights / Courtesy of Merck


Merck introduced Ronastar Dazzling Lights on March 20.

The new premium pigment is the latest addition to the Lights series of the Smart Effects innovation program. Ronastar® Dazzling Lights provides a unique edge for high value products.

They can feature a new generation of gold, offering a gradual gold effect with a subtle hue of green. With its fine particle size, Dazzling Lights is ideal for modifying any shade, adding a luxurious touch. 

“The golden living sparkle effect offers versatile opportunities,” says Beate Anniés, Head of Cosmetics at Merck. “You can create eccentric statements with a new-baroque touch. At the same time, Dazzling Lights offers pure elegance for ultimate flare and a mindset shifting towards extreme glamour mode.”

Providing a perfectly directed reflection of light and high chroma, the surface catches the incoming light and shows an intensive golden shimmer. The engineered high-tech architecture of the Lights Series pigments is based on a combination of innovative substrate technology and precisely applied layers of metal oxides. The pigments thus feature uniform thickness and an extremely even surface. 

This vivid living sparkle effect comes to life even in very low concentrations. New synergistic effects are also possible when Ronastar® Dazzling Lights pigments are blended with pigments consisting of larger glitter particles. With their high stability in formulations, Ronastar® Dazzling Lights pigments can be used in all color cosmetic and personal care applications and provide a smooth skin feeling.

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