DDos Attack Alert in Korea
DDos Attack Alert in Korea
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  • 승인 2010.07.08 11:44
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On July 7, around 18:00, a DDos (Distributed Denial-of-service attack) attack of government websites such as Cheongwadae (the Blue house), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the Republic of Korea. Private Websites also detected DDos attacks, the Korean Government carried out emergency measures. Since the amount of the attack is very low level compared with last year, there is no problem accessing the web pages.

DDos attack cracks to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users. Today, the KCC announced that the main reason of the attack is because the virus traced the zombie computers which have left without the vaccine therapy a year ago, just resumed an attack. According to the analysis after the Government extracted the samples from the Zombie PC, the technique of attack is the same as last year and unless the virus is not healed from the Zombie PC, the virus will be loaded into the computers again. Therefore, the Korean Government and business are coping with the situation preventively and proactively.

The KCC said the existing vaccine programs provided by vaccine companies are able to treat this virus. Therefore, the installation of the anti-virus programs and inspection is needed.

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