KT Launches Blockchain-based Document Platform 'Paperless'
KT Launches Blockchain-based Document Platform 'Paperless'
  • Jung So-yeon
  • 승인 2020.03.30 16:34
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KT launches a blockchain-based document platform "Paperless" on March 29. (Courtesy of KT)


KT announced on March 29 that it launched a blockchain-based document platform "Paperless."

Users can create (electronic contract), distribute (electronic registration) and store (electronic document storage) electronic documents through "Paperless."

The Paperless allows users to complete the contract by simply authenticating themselves in the existing contract form. Time-Stamping Authority (TSA) service checks for falsification.

Electronic registration is a mobile registration service that has the same effect as mail registration. Contracts, notices that have been signed can be sent to and from electronic registers.

Electronic document storage is a service that electronicizes not only electronic documents but also paper documents so that they are safely stored in blockchain storage. It was uncomfortable because it was difficult for users to find documents when they had to use it.

The electronic document storage service based on the blockchain can be conveniently used because the encrypted hash value and the original are stored together.

Users only need to sign up on the service portal without installing it on an app or computer.

"We expect KT Paperless Service to reduce corporate document management and costs so that it will improve the business process as well," said Yoon Dong-sik, executive vice president of KT Cloud/DX Business Group.

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