Samsung Display to suspend LCD production starting next year to speed up QD business
Samsung Display to suspend LCD production starting next year to speed up QD business
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Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong visits the factory and hears about the work process. / Courtesy of Samsung Electronics

Samsung Display made an announcement on March 31 that it will stop producing LCDs starting next year and speed up its business transition to QD (Quantum dot), a next-generation display.

The decision is a strategic choice to enhance the competitiveness of the large display business and speed up the commercialization of next-generation technologies, Samsung Display explained.

Samsung Display held a briefing session for executives and employees of its large business division at Asan on the same day and plans to explain the future direction of its business to customers and business partners.

Employees in LCD development and manufacturing fields will be switched to small and medium businesses and QD fields at the time when production of LCDs is finished.

Samsung Display is planning to mass-produce 30,000 QD displays per month based on 8.5th generation starting from next year. This size is about 90,000 to 100,000 65-inch TVs a month. Samsung Display has recently placed an order for related equipment.

Samsung Display stopped operating part of its LCD line last year as prices of LCD panels continued to plummet due to oversupply from China.

Analysts say that South Korea's LCD business has seen its profitability actually drop significantly due to low-priced Chinese display industries.

It is also expected that Samsung Display will have a huge impact on LCD markets as it is quitting related businesses. Samsung Display currently produces 165,000 seventh-generation displays per month and 363,000 eighth-generation displays per month.

QD display can be more rich and accurate in color by using quantum dot (QD), ultra-fine semiconductor particles that emit light when they receive light or current, and can also revolutionize design such as foldable.

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong previously visited Samsung Display's Asan workplace and checked its business strategy on March 19.

At the time, Vice Chairman Lee said, "It will be hard due to unexpected variables, but we should not stop for a moment. Let's carefully but boldly go beyond the existing framework. We need wisdom to look forward to the post-crisis era. Let's continue the challenge without wavering.”

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