The use of AI services has increased rapidly due to the spread of social distancing
The use of AI services has increased rapidly due to the spread of social distancing
  • Jung So-yeon
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Giga Genie's entire terminals. From the left, Giga Genie 1, Giga Genie LTE, Giga Genie 2, Giga Genie Buddy, Giga Genie Table TV, Giga Genie LTE2, Giga Genie 2 Special Edition, Giga Genie Mini (Courtesy of KT)


The use of artificial intelligence services has surged as the number of hours spent at home increased in the aftermath of COVID-19. Also, due to the influence of social distancing, shopping and home training are gaining popularity in households using AI devices.

KT (CEO Koo Hyun-mo) announced "Giga Genie Talk Ranking" on the first quarter of this year after selecting the most frequently mentioned keywords.

KT's Giga Genie is an AI speaker with more than 2.2 million subscribers, the largest number in South Korea. Giga Genie Talk Ranking has selected three categories: "Cooking" (10,000 recipes), "Shopping" (Lotte Super) and "Home Training."

In the first quarter of this year, Giga Genie's total usage increased 38 percent compared to the fourth quarter of last year.

According to KT, the use of the Giga Genie services increased because people's social distancing became common in the aftermath of COVID-19 and they spent more time at home while refraining from going out.

This becomes clear when looking at the growth rate per Giga Genie service. With the postponement of the start of school due to COVID-19, the use of Kids and game services such as "Pink Pong Compliment (333 percent), multi-plication table practice (277 percent), word chain (82 percent), and proverbial quiz (81 percent) has increased dramatically. In addition, the use of news services rose 135 percent as interest in COVID-19 increased.

Watching TV has also increased. The use of searching or replaying real-time channels increased by 43%, and the use of searching or replaying video on demand (VOD) increased by 53%.

If you look at the amount of use in each field, "Baek Jong-won's recipe" and "Kim Soo-mi's recipe" were the most popular recipes among users.

The Giga Genie users' favorite shopping services were ramen, snacks, rice and tofu. The mask, which was not ranked in the previous quarter's rankings, came in fourth as demand for masks surged in the aftermath of COVID-19. The Giga Genie shopping service allows users to order and receive fresh food or daily necessities for delivery on the same day.


The model is introducing home training services. (Courtesy of KT)

In the aftermath of COVID-19, more and more people are exercising at home with home training services as it becomes difficult to use the gym. In-home training, people exercised yoga, abdomen, diet, 10 minutes, and lower body.

"We have strengthened Giga Genie Kids, meditation and home training services in line with increased time spent at home due to COVID-19," said Kim Chae-hee, head of KT's AI/Big Data Business Division. "KT will continue to introduce AI services that customers need in line with changes in life trends." 

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