It Heats Up! It is Edgy! It is the ThermoQ!
It Heats Up! It is Edgy! It is the ThermoQ!
  • Kim Yea-rim
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Heating Film enables to carry the heat evenly
Heating Film, it might be unfamiliar to you, but it will become familiar. This heating technology is the next heating equipment. In the middle of technical changes, Uniplatek Co., Ltd ( released 'ThermoQ' which is the heater planted in the heating film. The Ministry of Knowledge Economy already recognized its goodness and chose it as a World Class Product in 2009.

ThermoQ driven by Cutting Edge Safety Systems is healthy with infrared rays and anion radiation and is an environment friendly product. It has no combustion and no hazardous smell. Additionally, since it is easy and fast to install, it is convenient and economical. It even gets ahead without temperature variations. Due to its convenient installation, the company is in the business of DIY heating modules.

The kit is composed of one set of modules (customized sizes available), thermostats, power codes, temperature sensors, overheat protecting PTC sensors and wire molding.

In addition, Cutting Edge Safety Systems with PTC sensors is a 'cannot miss' when ThermoQ is introduced. Uniplatek developed PTC sensors with their technology and it is designated as NET (New Excellent Technology). How so It can perfectly control partial overheating that could cause fire. Unlike conventional thermostats using only one or two simple sensors, thermostats uniquely designed can cover lots of PTC sensors as needed. Most importantly what this electric appliance manufacturer cares about the most is safety.

DIY Heating Module

Uniplatek Co., Ltd., established in 2000, is specialized in developing and manufacturing advanced materials and heating products including Film Heaters, Heating Vests & Blankets, Foot Heaters, Picture Frame Heaters and many others. This company has acquired a variety of certificates all over the world such as UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.), CE (Common Era), GOST-R, PSE, EK and lots of patents. And this company takes the lead on green technology.

The firm's Heater is the only heating product among others, which was selected as a Korean World-class Product by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. The main advantage of Thermo-Q heating film compared to other heating films in Korea is safety with PTC sensors using specially designed thermostats. It is good to have a company like Uniplatek. The company, as a leading technology company, keeps ahead by continuously trying to develop technologies for customers' health and comfort.

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