Korea Digital Exchange rebrands to ‘Flybit’ from its old virtual asset trading platform ‘Dexko’
Korea Digital Exchange rebrands to ‘Flybit’ from its old virtual asset trading platform ‘Dexko’
  • Yoo Mi-ja Reporter
  • 승인 2020.04.14 01:51
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Targeting the global market with its new brand ‘Flybit’1


The Korea Digital Exchange (DEXKO) will change its service name of the virtual asset trading platform Dexko to Flybit, which contains the role, value, and hopeful elements of the virtual asset industry, and will start rebranding on the 13th.

The meaning of brand ‘Flybit’ has a desire to make the virtual asset industry become a solid industry and rise to the sky and has focused on enhancing the brand value and leap as a blockchain financial service platform. Accordingly, the Korea Digital Exchange plans to focus its capabilities on creating a positive flow in the virtual asset industry.

The renewed brand identity (BI) was inspired by flying dragons. Since ancient times, the dragon is known as the Shuixin, which brings the wishes desired or brings blessings.

The Korea Digital Exchange is planning to capture the know-how that has been operating stable Dexko services for 2 years in Flybit and launch various new services within this year to launch a full-fledged expansion on the domestic and global markets.

Kim Seok-jin, CEO of the Korea Digital Exchange, said, “The brand name recognized by customers at the consumer's point of view is an indispensable factor, so we will focus on strengthening corporate identity and increasing brand awareness.”. also added that “We will make every effort to enter the global top 10 exchange."

Meanwhile, the Korea Digital Exchange, which is a full member of the Korea Blockchain Association, has been operating the virtual asset exchange Flybit since March 2018 and has been actively reorganizing and hiring new employees.

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