LG Electronics to launch its new smartphone 'LG Velvet' on May 15
LG Electronics to launch its new smartphone 'LG Velvet' on May 15
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LG Electronics said it will launch its strategic smartphone "LG Velvet" on May (Courtesy of LG Electronics) 15

LG Electronics will launch its strategic smartphone "LG Velvet" on May 15 through its own channels with three mobile carriers -- SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus.

LG Velvet is a smartphone that implements high-quality designs such as 'Waterdrop Camera' and '3D Arc Design'. The "Waterdrop Camera" is a design in which three rear cameras and a flash are arranged vertically as if water drops are falling.

Although the "LG Velvet" is a 6.8-type large screen, it is only 74.1 millimeters wide. On top of this, '3D arc design' with left and right ends of front display bent smoothly is applied. The rear cover is also curved at the same angle, making it a long oval shape horizontally. Because it is oval, it widens the contact area that is closely attached to the hand.

"LG Velvet" applied metal material to the rim of the product, realizing a high-end and solid image. Each corner is designed to provide a sense of stability with a gentle horn shape.

The smartphone is equipped with a fullVision display with a 6.8-type 20.5:9 screen ratio. It also supported "Stereo Speakers" and "Artificial Intelligence Sound."

"Stereo speakers" allow users to enjoy rich sounds by balancing left and right volume when enjoying content such as video and games. Artificial Intelligence Sound automatically analyzes content that is playing and matches the optimal audio quality. For example, the surrounding noise makes the reporter's voice clearer, introducing the noisy scene.

"LG Velvet" is equipped with three cameras on the back, including 48 million (standard), 8 million (ultra-wide angle), and 5 million (deep view), respectively, allowing users to take photos and videos of various angles of scenery and people.


Courtesy of LG Electronics

In a low-light environment, LG Electronics applied the "quad-burning" technology, which combines four pixels into one and takes them, allowing them to take clean photos even in the dark.

The smartphone also has a "voice out-focus" function that allows users to separate background noise and voice when filming videos. For example, User can remove the sound of wind from the windy beach and capture their voice more clearly. In particular, the degree of noise removal can be adjusted by the user, allowing them to take photos suitable for each situation, such as interviews or video sketches.

LG Velvet also supports Time Lapse, which compresses and captures filmed images briefly. Not only does the user automatically adjust the speed according to the subject or movement of the film, but it also allows the user to freely adjust the speed during video shooting.

"LG Velvet" utilizes "LG Dual Screen" based on the strong performance of "Snapdragon 765 5G." Users can play games on one screen and watch videos on the other screen smoothly.

LG Electronics will carry out preorders at SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus stores nationwide from May 8 to May 14, and will officially release it on May 15.

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