SK Telecom to Develop Integrated Infotainment Service Technology for Vehicles
SK Telecom to Develop Integrated Infotainment Service Technology for Vehicles
  • Jung Jun-ho
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The infographic of SKT's integrated IVI / Courtesy of SKT

SK Telecom supplies its own "In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)" service to Volvo Cars.

Starting with some models of the 2022 model, which is scheduled to be released in the second half of next year, the integrated IVI will be installed as a basic specification for all new Volvo cars sold in South Korea in the future.

SK Telecom said on May 11 that it has signed a "joint development contract for integrated infotainment service technology for vehicles" with Volvo Cars Korea, which calls for joint development and cooperation of the integrated IVI.

This is the first time that SK Telecom's integrated IVI will be used in mass-production cars that are marketed in South Korea, which is expected to serve as an opportunity for SK Telecom to expand its mobility ecosystem in earnest.

Lee Yoon-mo, CEO of Volvo Cars Korea (left in the photo), and Lee Jong-ho, head of SK Telecom's mobility business group (right in the photo).

Following its partnership with leading automakers at home and abroad, SK Telecom has once again been recognized by global carmakers for its advanced infotainment service capabilities by forming partnerships with Volvo.

"IVI" is a common name for information and entertainment for vehicle passengers, and with interest in infotainment for vehicles recently rising ahead of the era of self-driving cars, leading global ICT companies are scrambling to enter related markets.

McKinsey, a global consulting firm, predicted that the connected car market will reach 1.5 trillion dollars (about 1,700 trillion won) in 2030.

SK Telecom's integrated IVI is a service that optimizes various services such as T-map Auto, artificial intelligence platform NUGU, and music platform FLO in line with the fact that cars become smart mobility devices like smartphones in their hands.

At the CES held in January, SK Telecom demonstrated its technological prowess in related areas by introducing an integrated IVI system that mounts T-map, FLO and various videos on vehicles.

Volvo drivers will be able to use various services such as T-map Auto, alternative intelligence platform NUGU, and music platform FLO through SK Telecom's IVI.

Integrated IVI, which will be applied in the future, provides drivers with T-map real-time guidance and various connectivity functions with Volvo's instrument panel and head-up display (HUD).

The AI platform NUGU allows drivers to control information on T-map roads, infotainment functions such as smart homes, air conditioners and radios with their own voice. The FLO also allows the driver to play the playlist with his own voice while driving.

In addition, it will provide various real-time services such as electric vehicle charging stations, parking lot locations, weather and fine dust checks.

Meanwhile, through the signing of the contract, the two companies will work together to speed up smart deviceization of cars that support convenience services such as in-car payment in the future based on IVI functions.

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