Lotte Confectionery's brand Natuur launches vegan-certified ice cream for first time in Korea
Lotte Confectionery's brand Natuur launches vegan-certified ice cream for first time in Korea
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Headquarters of Lotte Confectionery 

Lotte Confectionery's premium ice cream brand Natuur has launched the country's first vegan-certified ice cream. Vegan means a thorough vegetarian who eats nothing but vegetable or fruit, and completely excludes food from animals such as milk and eggs.

Natuur vegan ice cream has won the vegan certification by passing a rigorous animal DNA test by the Korea vegan certification authority, using only pure vegitability raw materials. Instead of milk or eggs, the product uses coconut milk, a vegetable ingredient, cashew nuts paste and natural guar gum to realize the same texture and taste as regular ice cream.

Natuur vegan ice cream was developed after a long research period of more than a year under the motto of "Delicious vegan ice cream."

While changing traditional ingredients and recipes that have been hardened to the standard for decades, thousands of cases of raw material combinations have to be tested because of the need to maintain the flavor of existing ice cream levels.


Korea's first vegan-certified ice cream, Natuur (Courtesy of Lotte Confectionery)

In particular, the development of vegan ice cream was a more difficult task for Natuur, who advocated naturalism and did not use synthetic emulsifiers or stabilizers.

There are two types of Natuur vegan ice cream -- fresh-flavored "coconut pineapple" and savory-flavored "cash vanilla."

It applied a design that is differentiated from the existing Natuur ice cream and emphasized the authenticity of the brand by changing the plastic lid to paper materials in line with its nature-friendly and eco-friendly concept.

Natuur plans to continue to launch new vegan ice cream in the future, leading the new vegan market as a native Korean premium ice cream brand.

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