Sehan University makes great results in technical teacher recruitment exam
Sehan University makes great results in technical teacher recruitment exam
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The technical education department of Sehan University announced on May 19 that 18 out of 20 students have passed the 2020 technical teacher recruitment exam.

The university’s technical education department opened in 2001 with 20 students. It is a department that fosters teachers to teach technical areas of middle and high school technical and family subjects and has produced more than 130 technical teachers so far. Over the past four years, 47 people have passed the employment exam.

Technical education departments are only available at three universities across the country, including Sehan University. The total number of admissions at the three universities is only about 85.


Students in the technical education department of Sehan University are taking commemorative photos after presentation at the exhibition of creative design projects. /Courtesy of Sehan University

The average number of teachers selected nationwide is 110 over the past 11 years (127 annually over the past six years). It means that the Sehan University’s department boasts of a very high teacher recruitment rate compared to the number of admissions.

The reasons for the high acceptance rate of the recruitment exam in the department of technical education at Sehan University are the support of “Gosiwon” for preparing for the employment exam and various class materials, operation of the teaching and learning development center and the employment and start-up support center to strengthen students' learning and employment skills, operation of a student counseling center for teaching and character education, meeting programs for alumni, special lectures and consulting on classes, special lectures by technical teachers, special lectures by field experts and field trips, and activation of study groups.

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